Neue Produkte und Highlights


A sphere as a universal shape, yet whose upper section has been dramatically severed. 

The clean cut comprises the main characteristic of the project light SFERA – a timeless piece that casts a soft light from within handblown matte opal glass. The sphere, affixed to a metal top with a subtle ultiangular detail, will come in several sizes for multiple combinations, thanks to which the collection can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of any architectural or residential project.

Watch the attached video to hear what the creator of SFERA, Lucie Koldova, has to say about the new collection.

The SFERA collection features innovative connectors specially developed by Brokis, which allow for easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning. They also make it possible to rearrange an installation without  having to access building wiring, opening the door to a wide range of possibilities.

The BROKIS portfolio continues to grow with the addition of SFERA…